God bless the women of the church

Saturday night of any TACF conference sees me very exhausted. Us maintenance crew have to get the church building all ready for the service the following morning.

This entails taking down the "Meal Plan" area, some 300 or more seats and their tables; moving couches and lounge chairs under the stage; stacking soft chairs and moving them, picking up trash throughout the Auditorium, and a few other taxing tasks. This will normally take us to around 12:30pm, but has taken until 2am, on more than one occasion.

Anyway... God bless the women of the church, for tonight, as I began the long slow process of taking down and stacking 300 folding chairs - a task normally performed on my own - 5 or 6 women who I think may have been helping serve the meal (or not, who knows) helped me in taking down all the chairs. I was deeply touched (as much as I could be, given my current state of exhaustion), as all of the women were older than 30.

Not long after that my lovely girlfriend arrived with pizza and Dr Pepper. What more could a tired man ask for.