Freshwind comes to a close

Well Freshwind finished on Saturday night. I'm late, I know. This was definitely my favourite FW yet. The worship bands were all really good, the speakers were all really good, and the "Zeo Party" kicked ass!

The Zeo party was a rave. My good friend Mark and new friend J who are Green Room played from 11:30ish to 1:30ish. It was a huge success with many people staying for the whole thing, and everyone having a good time. Mark and I spent time praying before he went up, that this would spark a new form of worship here in Canada for many people. Encouragement came when an older lady (50s) got up on the stage about 20 minutes into the Zeo and said she had had a vision of God breaking bread open and steam rising from it. She said when she was watching everyone dance, and the smoke up onstage, she realized that this was what the vision was about, and that with everyone's dancing (giving off steam) God was breaking open new things. Very exciting!

I got to mix sound for the entire party, so that was also very fun. I had it cranked so loud, oh it was great. 112 decibels at the loudest point. Anyway, it was awesome, and I'm very excited for what the future will bring in regards to DJing.