Fire Wire

Yesterday had to be one of the best Saturdays I've had in a while. And I have good Saturdays.
Maija picked me up around 3 and we went to the Drivers Test office. I passed my G1 written test with flying colours. I'm going to encourage my brother to do it straight away when he turns 16 and not waste time like me. Anyway, yeah, that was cool. Then we drove to York Mills and took the subway downtown to Queen. We walked the streets of Downtown Toronto for the next... 3 hours? It was fun times.
We hit up a few record stores along the way. Metropolis, my usual haunt had changed locations, so we checked out their new place. Snazzy. We went into another one (2 the Beat Records) just around the corner from Metropolis, and they had a record I've been searching for for a while to get, so that was awesome. Fire Wire, by Cosmic Gate.
After walking a for a very long time we eventually got back on the subway and then drove home to Maija's. We went swimming, and then had a late dinner (10pm).
This morning I finally got my act together and began my Sunday morning God time. I stopped going to church on a Sunday morning in order to spent some quiet personal time alone with God, and only today have I actually done so. It's been really cool. First I listened out my new records and read the Bible. Then played some worship music and soaked for a bit. I feel very peaceful.
I think I might go running tonight. That half marathon is getting closer every day.