Fine. I'll blog.

But only about Fable.

Let it be known that I have never been a fan of RPGs, and even spoken down about those who are. I heard about Fable some time ago, and my interest was sparked. Mostly by the name of it's creator, Monsieur Molyneux, who impressed me with Black & White, though I never got into it. I decided Fable would be the RPG to interest me in RPGs. Or at least, it would be a damn good game. Thus far, it is, and it is.

The storyline is simple. You're parents are killed by marauding bandits. You are rescued by a wizard, and taken to The Guild, where you shall - if you can hack it - train to become a Hero. The controls for the game are simple and intuitive, and the fighting is excellent. That's always been my biggest complaint with RPGs, especially Knights, where the fighting is clunky, and you have "Engage" an opponent, to fight them. Fable: you just run up, whip out your sword, and carve him/her/it like you would a roast pig. The graphics are very, very cool.

Basically, everything about the game kicks ass. Except... map loading. The loading time is low, but you do have to load fairly frequently as you move about. This is understandable though, as the graphic quality and wind effects are really slick. There's an amusing selection of expressions, which you can perform to various effects. Things like farting, flirting, burping, boasting, laughing, and all other manner of things, can be done to impress or disgust, and people will react accordingly. I visited the Tailor this morning and got trimmed a nice Big Beard. Big Beards increase your attractiveness, but do nothing for your scaryness. It's great walking into a town, and hearing everyone talk about you. "Hey, there's that Ranger! Did you hear what he did to those wasps?" or "That Hero there is a bad egg. Better stay away from him." Hehehe... amazing.

If you own an Xbox, go now and buy Fable. But don't go to EBGames Woodbine, they only had 3 left when I got mine last night.