Started work almost 2 hours ago. It is far too early to have been awake and working for two hours.

Today is Saturday. Last day of Catch the Fire. More importantly, today is Maija and my fourth month anniversary. I'll be much more excited about that later on the in day. I'm still tired. I have to finish what I'm making for her. Time is ticking...

I ordered a new mixer last night. It's kindof a catch 22, because while I had wanted to get a new mixer at some point, I hadn't wanted to get one yet. But my existing mixer is being silly. So, I'm going to replace the crossfader (the part that causes trouble) and then sell it. It's a good mixer, and once I get the new crossfader in it will be good as new. But I figured it was a good enough time to get a new one. I'm hoping this will prove to be a blessing in disguise. So, if you're looking to buy a pretty decent Numark mixer, let me know.