When asked by Jacob Murphy what I would name my band, if I had one, I said "Battle Ready Machete." He said he'd call his DONE, and their first CD could be called And Done.

Anyway. Catch the Fire is done. It's now 2:27am, and I just got in the door. It's been a long day, fraught with excitement and turmoil, laughter and tears, smooching and crushing of fingers... the list goes on.

Let me end this evening, and this post, by telling you all how amazingly wonderful Maija MacLeod is. I slept at her house last night, and she drove me to work for 6:30am. Her choice. Then she helped clean her mother's house, and picked me up from work at 2pm. We then drove to her parents place for her father's 60th birthday. Lots of food and... interesting conversation. After that, we drove back to her house where she let me sleep. I got up when her sisters and grandmother arrived, and Maija showed them around the house. Then I tried to sleep again, but my spirit was in turmoil, and I had a lot on my mind, so after tossing and turning I went upstairs to Maija and poured out my heart and she lovingly let me cry on her shoulder, cared for me, gave me some wise and pertinent words, and prayed a meaningful and thoroughly effective prayer. After that I cheered up, then we got in the car, and she drove me back to work, for 11pm. She then drove off to Wendy's, and picked us up some Big Bacon Cheeseburgers and we ate, and then she stayed with me and helped me clean up the church until shortly before 1am.

And she has to work tomorrow morning! Truly, I am blessed beyond anyone else on the face of this earth. All those who know Maija as a friend can testify. And those who know Maija as a girlfriend (ie... Me. Only me.) shall scream it from the rooftops.

Happy 4 months baby.