Desk 2, Jonathan 1

So I got back to work today on that stupid desk I mentioned yesterday. The boss' daughter was sick, so he left early and will be away for Friday and Monday as well. I told him not to worry about anything, have a good weekend, etc. Within 1 hour I had broken his mallet.

He doesn't know yet. The chances of him finding and reading this blog are equal to the chances of Star Wars Episode 3 being really really good... so I'm not worried. But yeah... stupid desk... broke the mallet. So I spent the next 30 minutes removing the remains of the handle from the mallet head - praying that I wouldn't brake anything else.

But here you me, that desk is going down. If anyone has a chainsaw I could borrow, I would gladly put it to good use. I could use a skillsaw, but a chainsaw would be more satisfying. Maybe I can find an old RPG launcher somewhere - I think a trip to Brampton is in order.