CSI New Year. I mean New York. First impression... Gary Sinise. I've never seen him do TV, but he's a great actor, so it's nice to see more of him. Kindof reminds of his role in Ransom though, being a cop... a crooked cop mind you, which he does very well. Perhaps he actually is a crooked cop.

Anywhoo. I enjoyed it more than Miami. I don't like Miami. The scripting is terrible, and Horatio's one liners are enough to make me change the channel. "It looks like we're looking for another kind of shark. A human shark." Please. Hire me to write it instead. Or my friend Russell Montgomery.

The music was rocking in this episode which got it some cool points. The little "rounding up" speech at the end felt a bit forced, but I suppose they need to build some kind of pathos for these characters. All in all, I still like CSI:Crime Scene Etc. This one shows a lot of promise though, and beats CSI:Sex into the ground.

Err, by Sex, I of course mean, Miami.