Camp is over. Much ministry and excellent fun was had by most, if not all. Can honestly say I didn't find or hear of too many complainers this year. Last year we had a bunch who refused to play games and just moped about. The only girl who wasn't enjoying herself went home after 2 days, so no worries.

So now a more peaceful period of my life will hopefully begin. I fairwelled Dad last night, who had taken ill and couldn't fly out when he was supposed to. He is now better, and left in the wee hours of this morning. He returns Christmas Eve. DJing is over for the next little while, as I'm going to recluse to my room and practice in private. Thought : I wonder if I'm allowed to verb recluse, like I just did. Second thought : I wonder if I can verb verb like I just did. Andrew or Mark, let me know.

Moving quickly along. I've been helping Maija-Cakes move into her new place over the last couple of days. Painting and cleaning, and moving furniture. We took in some fine McDonalds burgers for breakfast yesterday noon and on the way back to her place found a garage sale and bought a nice dark bamboo and wicker style bookshelf. It didn't fit in her car, so the two of us and Bethany carried it back along Sheppard to their house. Hehe, fun times.

Thinking of a Supertones' song today, Jury Duty. Chorus goes:

'Cause every single moment whether sleeping or awake
Is your creation
And what you've made is good
I don't always thank you for the rough days and
the hard times in my life
Even though I should