Carpet Burns

I spun what I felt to be a very solid set tonight at Youth Network. I was feeling the nerves before hand, so I retreated to my office and wrapped myself in my hoodie, like a hoodlum, and just sat there. It was quite nice, talking to God, all the dark of my hood.

Then after my set, Andrew G came over and prayed for me, and then Ben Poulsen, and I made a gradual progression to the floor. Once there, Kenny and Tim Fenney (now endowed with a girlfriend) came and soaked me and prophesied over me for quite some time. It was great, because as Andrew was praying for me, I quietly said to myself, "Self, I think it would be fun to have God take me to the floor, and spend the better half of the evening just lying there." So God, and I, did just that.

Thoroughly enjoyed, and filled, and feeling much better for it. I haven't had any good carpet time in a very long time. My elbows and back-of-head are upset, but I figure that's a worthy price to pay.

My wonderful girlfriend is babysitting tonight for some good friends of ours, who happen to be mentoring us as a couple. I feel a little bereft. I am beginning to feel a little bereft every Friday, but I'm learning to be there for God, and for myself, and not just for my friends. You'd think after being in various youth groups for 5 years that I'd have figured that out by now, but no, I haven't.

Before I retire to bed (it's 1am, I was playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live), I would like to draw your attention to the caption below the title of this page. I thought that up tonight. Other than the whole Jesus-dieing-for-us-so-we-could-become-one-with-God thing, I suspect this witty phrase may be the coolest thing ever.

And there's not a lot better to life than witty phrases.