Today I got to work on repairing the sledgehammer I broke last week. Last week I referred to is as a mallet, and not until Shannon suggested that I use a sledge hammer, did I realize the spelling mistake. To be honest, I knew mallet was wrong, but I just thought I was spelling it wrong.

Anyway... I sawed the shattered end of the handle and then circumcised the end of it using a grinder, so as it would fit into the sledgehammer head. Once it looked to be of a decent fit, I started hammering it in. Only problem is that the mallet we do have is has a rubber head, and is therefore useless for such a job, and the hammer doesn't weigh enough to drive to wood in.

Clearly the sledgehammer would be the ideal took for the job, but more clearly that wouldn't work for fundamental reasons. So, I had to use a large concrete cinderblock to hammer the handle in. Trouble is, the handle is now half a foot shorter than standard, so I can't stand straight up to hammer in the handle - I have to hold the head between my feet and then with bent knees and back smash the big concrete brick down onto it.

It's one of the most frustrating things I've ever had to do. Other than use my buddy's Mac.