Back to the fray

I highly recommend Songs to Burn Your Bridges By, by Project 86. It's currently my favourite CD. How ironic.

It was indeed wrong of me to sight a book that I have not read. I retract that statement. I will not go back and edit my previous post, but I now regret saying it. As to my motives for public displays of affection with my girlfriend, she knows I love her. And it's not because I am affectionate with her publicly. If the reason people are affectionate publicly is to show their Significant Others that they love them, then I know a load of loveless relationships.

Someone's going to say, "Ha, there are loads of loveless relationships! My point exactly." But whatever, I'll let it stand. Maija knows I love her because of the way I treat her publicly and privately, the way I touch her, the way I speak to her, and the time and money I spend on her. Ask her. I know she loves me because of the things she makes me, the things she says to me, the time she spends with me, the way she touches me, the things other people tell she has said about me etc. etc. The list goes on.
When I am affectionate with her in public, it is (aside from simply loving her) to show the world that I love her. When I shout at the TACF Riverside Cafe, "I LOVE MAIJA MACLEOD!" that is also to tell that the world that I love her.

As to being upset about the infamous text messages, I honestly don't know anymore. I never interpreted it as lesbianism between the two of them. Unfortunately, when I used that word in my first post, many people carried it out of the context it was meant for. The word carried more weight than I realized it would. For that, my apologies. Still though, I don't know. Maybe I'm just sensitive about homosexual issues, and I jumped on it in a nervous panic. Or maybe while not being wrong in and of themselves, the messages were a little over the top. I honestly don't know.

If I can have some constructive input from anyone, especially someone female, ie. Ninja, input away.