Back now.

Got back in yesterday from kids camp. Had a blast... got terribly sunburned, but the kids were touched in a deep Holy Spirit way, so that's all good. Almost all of them were speaking in tongues by the end of the week! Kickass!

Right now I'm listening to Sunday Bloody Sunday... I just got both U2 Best-Of CDs. Good listening.

Maija and I had our 1 month-of-going-out anniversary on Friday. She bought me a kite! I was so thrilled. I love kites and have been jonesing to go kite-flying for a while, but was hindered by my lack of kite. We're going shopping today, so I need to keep my eyes out for something. I think I may get her a watch, as she desperately needs one. (Don't worry, she's aware of this.)

Also, Dad got back from his jaunt around the world. He had been meeting people and planning for the world tour of In the Shadow of Death, which should be taking place a year or so from now. He was gone for 5 weeks, and went through France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Israel, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. He had his laptop stolen out of his hotel room in Hong Kong :(

Back to work tomorrow.