Back in Black

Just got in from Ottawa, and good news awaits me!

Hadley's situation has gotten less bad. He has slowly begun mending, and the CT scans have shown that he's not getting any worse. Here's the exact account of what happened to the poor lad:

"Friday afternoon Hadley came off his skateboard and fell straight back unable to catch himself, and hit his head on the concrete (or stair, or brick wall, we aren't exactly certain). Anyhow, he fractured his skull pretty bad. He has no external cuts (not counting some minor grazes to his arms), so all the blood that was lost from his head burst through his ear... and so damaged that. He has a swollen brain, internal bleeding around his brain, and a lot of bruising there also. He ruptured the sack at the base of the head which holds spinal fluid, so that also came out his ear.
There was so much blood at the accident scene, they had to get a fire truck to hose it down!"

So you understand the direness of the situation. But the good news is he is now breathing on his own (he wasn't before) and has not lost any of his memory up till the accident. Due to the drugs he's on now, they aren't really able to check his short term memory. Specific issues to keep in prayer are:
(a.) That his ear will heal because he is currently not able to hear out of it.
(b.) That his eyesight will improve, as he currently can only see clearly in certain directions.
(c.) He's in a lot of pain, so pray that God supernaturally relieves that.
(d.) Emotionally he's not doing so well. He's quite confused as to why exactly he's in the hospital, as well as just the emotional damage of hospitals in general, so pray that God brings him comfort and safety.
(e.) Surgery is still looking quite likely.

And pray for the family as well. They're doing ok, but how good can you really do... you know?! But thank the Lord for the good news we're had so far.

I'll talk more about Ottawa tomorrow. Right now I'm sick.