Arts and Crafts day

Today is Saturday. On Wednesday Catch the Fire starts, our biggest conference at TACF. You would think, that after 11, 12 (?) years everyone at work would figure out that it's best to be prepared before the conference begins. Best to buy new computer hardware and video and audio reproduction hardware weeks before the conference, so they can install everything in relative quiet.

But no, still new things arriving. Out of all the departments, it looks like us boys in Maintenance are the most prepared. Trouble is, next week we'll be working like slaves to make everything work, but them's the breaks.

Today Maija is continuing her Swim Instructors training course, so I am at home, with the family. I'm planning on going to Home Depot in the next few hours to buy some wood, for an easel I'm making for Maija. I could make that easel today, but let's look at the facts: I've been at work every day since Monday, and making that easel would mean I'd have to go into work today, and I'll be there tomorrow, and I'll be there all next week as well as Saturday (conference). So yeah. No making an easel today. I'll do that next week during the conference slack time. Half of maintenance conference days are spent setting up thousands of chairs in not enough minutes, and the other half is spent sitting around waiting for the chairs to need to be taken down again.

So today... I'm going into Lewiscraft and will begin another project. Muahahaha... beware the bald-headed man who does arts and crafts.