And you're done.

So - after talking to Maija again, some married people, and others - my thoughts are thus:

The problem I have noticed (misplaced affection), is indeed a problem because:

Girl's (or anyone for that matter) should not be giving/taking affection to/from anyone, that should be going to God or her Significant Other.

However, the problem is not as rampant or as serious as I had at first thought, because:

A. Girls are made to be more affectionate. It's the side of God they represent. I did know this before I got onto this track, but I had forgotten it. I have since learned that for some girls they can't express this affection due to pain from previous hurt in their life. Only once they receive healing are they able to express this love for one another.

B. It was partly my issue. Maija, who I love more than me, has in the past been uncomfortable showing me affection in front of others. So all I would see was her being touchy and feely with other girls, and then being a little more distant with me. But she's getting much better. Hehe, anyone at her house party last night could have seen her kissing me plenty of times. W00T! (Haha, I'm sooo getting in trouble for this one.)

Remember my argument that all this was to do with an infiltration of subversive lesbianism from the feminist movement? Haha, well Maija pointed out that it's equally likely that I blame lesbianism because it is so rampant, and acceptable, and if you see anything along those lines, you can just say, "Oh, they're lesbians."

So the argument for is the same as the argument against. I think this post is at the same time the most important of all my previous posts in this theme, and the least coherent. I hope it makes sense to you.

On to lighter things: I got a new CD today.