After today

I'll dream a bigger dream for, a bigger dream for, today.

Trying to anyway. Right now I'm getting ready to dream some sleepy dreams. Just got in from work, almost 2am. Last of another conference. The Party is Here. Or the Puddy is Here, as some were inclined to joke.
What an exhausting night.
Made worse by the fact that I was looking forward to seeing Maija, but she could not make it. She faithfully left a message on my work phone to let me know, but my bastard phone couldn't extend the same kindness to let me know that a message had arrived. So only when I called her myself, wondering where she was, did I find out the truth. Then I checked my phone manually, still "0 Messages," only after I dialed up the silly thing did it actually give me two messages in fact. Trust me, it was all I could do not to through the phone at the floor with great gusto. Not even kidding.

Anyway, it's been a decent conference. It's been rather boring though, with not much work to do, which taxes the brain and body eventually. But, what can you do? Read! I started reading a biography of Sir John Gielgud - very famous British actor - which Dad bought me for my birthday. It's odd not having him sleep here (Dad, not Monsieur Gielgud). Cause I know he's around, and not away on some trip... but at the same time, he's not here. It's strange. Just plain odd, that's all.

Anyway, my eyes and feet and buttocks and everything else hurt. I'm going to sleep. Goodnight.