A Roast Job!

Got the job.

I'm excited. Not excited as I should be, cause I'm not going to be making as much as I had hoped and asked for. But... them's the breaks. They're paying me a crap load less than they were paying Hamish, but they feel that since Hamish has been doing the job for 6 years, then they can hardly expect me to do as good a job as he did, to begin with. They said my pay will be raised as my work experience and skill goes up. I think they'll find that I'll master the job a lot faster than they realize. My (new) boss is looking at a year's time. I'm looking at 3 months. We'll see who wins. Hehe, but I did make it very clear to him that if I feel I am doing the job better than I'm being paid to do it, I'll ask for more money. So I'm not worried, I'm just a little bummed out.

So yeah. Not as excited as I should be. Bottom line is, I'm making more, learning more, and getting more authority than I would be if I stayed where I was. I need to hold onto that.

It's good news. I'm glad.